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Ravencoin(RVN) Pool , posted Apr 24, 2019 at 00:16 (UTC)

Ravencoin(RVN) Pool

Algorithm: X16R

Coin Info. & Discussion



Check before you start. 

Miner Guide

A. Miner Setting


  Check which GPU(AMD or NVIDIA)miner do you use and install any miner depends on it. 
  You will need a proper server, port no., username/worker name and download the latest miner/wallet.

  Port no.    20611


  U.S.:      us-east.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611
  Europe: europe.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611
  Asia:     asia.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611


  For GPU miner    


  (1) Avermore GPU AMD Miner

sgminer.exe -k x16r -o stratum+tcp://us-east.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611 -u username.workername -p x 

  (2) WildRig GPU AMD Miner

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo x16r --opencl-threads auto --opencl-launch auto --url asia.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611 --user username.workername -pass x


  (1) T-Rex GPU NVIDIA Miner 

t-rex.exe -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://us-east.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611 -u username.workername -p x 

  (2) Nevermore GPU NVIDIA Miner

ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://us-east.x16r-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20611 -u username.workername -p x 

  B. Wallet

Here you can download coin wallet.

Now, you are ready to be a happy miner!